iPalm Laser Therapy System

iPALM Deep Tissue Laser Therapy System    (Laser Therapy only.)

iPALM is a new generation of portable physical therapy laser providing the most compact and affordable option for true Class IV Diode laser therapy.

Two models are available – the iPALM-6A(6watt continuous @ 810nm) or the iPALM-9B (9watt continuous @ 980nm) with veterinary specific software..

Main Advantages

  • This is a compact, simple, and very effective laser therapy unit coupled to a light weight battery pack.
  • Portable laser only 700g weight.
  • The most affordable entry into Class IV diode laser therapy.
  • If you just want a “point & shoot” option, not the DSLR coplexity.
  • 2 year warranty supported in Australia, with 3 year warranty option.



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