Welcome to the Crane Medical Veterinary Lasers.

If you are looking for the most versatile cost-effective Class 4 Diode Veterinary Lasers available in Australia and New Zealand, then you have come to the right place.

Crane Medical Pty Ltd distributes true Class 4 Diode Gigaa Lasers for use in veterinary therapy, surgery and dentistry. Our units are capable of therapy only, diode laser surgery only, or for the most flexible option select a unit capable of both! Whether it is for general vet practice, specialist veterinary centres, physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists, or universities, we have a Diode laser for you. By easily changing hand pieces you will be able to perform therapy, surgery, dentistry, percutaneous intervertebral disc decompression, tooth whitening, and more.

We recommend Class 4 Diode lasers running 810nm and/or 980nm wavelengths with outputs between 6 watts and 15 watts power output as they will capably cover 99% of your general veterinary laser needs – therapeutic or surgical.

However, if you have something special in mind we can also supply lasers with wavelengths of 532nm, 635nm, 670nm, 940nm, 1064nm,  1210nm, or 1470nm.  Power outputs range up to 200 watts depending on the application.

Confused already? Don’t Panic ===> just head here for Laser Therapy 101.


Why choose Crane Medical for your Class IV Diode Veterinary Therapy Lasers and Veterinary Surgery Lasers?

Crane Medical Pty Ltd is a unique supplier of veterinary lasers in Australia and New Zealand, as we are based in a small mixed veterinary practice in NSW. We are not removed from the “coal face” of general veterinary practice – we use these machines ourselves day after day. Crane Medical does not just sell and support them, we use them on our own patients, and these are the lasers we choose to use. We supply real training from our own education and experience, along with pricing advice, applications, treatment regimes, practice structure, and right down to warning signs and protective eye ware.

We have over 4 years of experience using lasers for therapy and surgery in practice. Because we have a two vet mixed practice, we are acutely aware of the importance of having a great ROR on any practice investment, be it equipment, staff, education, or facilities. Gigaa lasers work very well, are easy to use, are extremely versatile and are solid pieces of kit. We will recommend a veterinary laser unit suited to your requirements, and it should pay for itself inside 12 months by generating new income streams for your practice. Owning my own practice and being an older guy, I am acutely skeptical of smoke and mirrors, but after a lot of research and first hand experience I know this technology and more specifically Gigaa Lasers work brilliantly and are the most economical choice available. Additionally Class IV therapy lasers allow you the professional satisfaction of improved clinical outcomes, along with happier pets and their owners.